World of Abinasia  
  The Market Place  

Ancient lands with Silver Seas
Forgotten times of men and beasts
Skies of blue weep with tears
For long lost souls gone for years

The greatest of men did once live here
But battles took them over the years
Are you looking to make a name?
Only your death can give you fame

Danger lurks at every bend
Trust none, not even your friend
Ancient evils sleeping wait
The unknowing adventurer to meet his fate

Mystical creatures are plenty here
Overseeing Orbs that they keep near
Hidden from man because of his greed
So that balance is kept and all are free

Ancient magic's betrayers of man
Lie in wait for an ignorant man
To free it form the lights embrace
So once again to destroy mans face

Lands of peace and lands of war
Good and evil fighting for more
Truth and light always win
But darkness takes the best of men

Do you dare to venture here?
To see what waits behind locked gates
Be careful where you dare to look
One wrong step is all it took
For many good men to lose their lives
Seeking great treasures of untold times

By: Megan Noel Wilber (a.k.a. LdyDragon) May 11th, 2003

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