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The Calendar of Abinasia


There are 29 hours in a day, 6 days in a week, 17 months in a year, and 487 days in a year. Every year is named during New Month depending on what happened the year before. But in ancient times every 100 years was given a name. It was not until after The Great War that people began naming each year individually.

Breaking down the Centuries

The separation in time as is know today goes as follows…

AF or After Fardis - This is the currant time frame after the rebuilding of Abinasia from its almost complete destruction in The Great War. Fardis had great influence in rallying together some of the remaining humanoids to rebuild their civilizations and flourish once more.
TBS or The Building Season - This spanned a time of 4000 years after the almost total destruction of Alynhura and several other continents.

DTD or Dark Tide Days - This was the time right after The Great War when there were few being left in the world, especially on the continent of Alynhura. It lasted 6000 years after The Great War. Smalls bands of people barely surviving wandered the lands. Few cities, towns, or villages were left and fell into decay.

TGW or The Great War - This period in time spanned the length of the heaviest fighting years of The Great War which was about 97 years.

BHD or Bardiban Hartendale's Dawning - This spanned about 76 years before the heavy fighting of The Great War broke out.

TFY or The Forgotten Years - Almost nothing is known of this time span. From the few items found in ancient ruined cities that have been they have been able to date this period back about 7000 years.


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