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November 13th 2003 :: updated


Everyone has been very busy working out some kinks in the RPG system. Rogier, Karin, Asad, and I sat around discussing some new add-ins as well. I hope to start getting some of the manual on-line by this weekend but we will see. There is a lot of editing to be done first.

I also managed to create a couple parts of the monster manual. Basically I finished a rough draft for the Canines, Dragons, and Equine. I typed up the system for movement and revised the initiative, attack, defense page to add in the changes we have made.

Finally we have uploaded some material finally to the site. Now you can find these links working…

  • Added Announcements ;)
  • Added Message Board link
  • Added Contact Us link
  • Added in the Calendar (with minor revisions from the old one)
  • Added in Deities
  • Added in History & Legends

Megan Noël Wilber


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