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Miscellaneous Facts about the Gods and Goddesses

In the land of Abinasia there is one higher God named Techara. Techara created all other Gods and Goddesses, whom are called lesser Gods, to help it run the planet more efficiently. The higher God is a mystery to most. No one even knows if Techara is a male or female. The few who have seen Techara always say that it appears to them in a unisex form. Even many of the Gods/Goddesses are unsure of what Techara actually is and those that might know are not telling anyone.

Gods and Goddesses are mostly immortal. They will not die of age or disease (not humanoid diseases anyway) though they can surely die in battles or kill one another. Some of the houses of the Epheriete (The higher ethereal planes) read almost like a soap opera with murder, betrayal, lies, and complete lack of regard for rules. While other families keep quiet and mind their own business doing what ever it is that makes them happy.

The children of Gods and Goddesses are called Pherites (child of a God). They are semi mortal. Age will not affect them but some humanoid diseases can along with the Godly diseases. They are also more prone to dying from injuries than their parents. Some chose to stay in Epheriete while others chose to make their homes on Abinasia and live amongst the creatures there.

As with any creature, Gods and Goddesses can be Good, Evil, or Neutral. There are many cases too of a good God having a child that later became a God and was evil or visa versa. On a rare occasion there has been a God that changed his ways completely. The most well known case is with the God Charafis (you can read about him in here) he was a truly evil God during The Great War. But after seeing the land of Abinasia almost decimated beyond repair, he changed his ways for good and is now an active part of the world.

Most Gods/Goddesses have little to do with the people of Abinasia other than a yearly blessing ceremony. Only about1/100th of them are regularly active in the lives of the people's. Every year the Gods/Goddesses chose one of their loyalist followers and bless them. What that means exactly is up to the God/Goddess, but it can be a wish, long life, good health, fortune, adventure, companionship, guidance, extra help, and so on.

During The Great War, many of the old Gods/Goddesses were killed off. While battle raged on Abinasia, it also raged in Epheriete. Almost 1/3 of the old Gods perished which made way for surviving children to take their places. Almost all of the old Gods names have been forgotten, except by a rare few.

The average change in a God is about one every 10,000 years. Since The Great War they have settled into a quiet life of less barbaric times. Few worries of death now greet them except possibly from the hand of a rival God.


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