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Kirafesa the Animal Goddess

Kirafesa Goddess and keeper of the animal kingdom is daughter to the God Ammuwart, God of Nature, and the Goddess Festeria, Goddess of Good.

Kirafesa is a kind, gentle hearted Goddess who loves her animal friends. She is seen always in the company of animals and hates humanoid contact. Her dislike of the humanoid kind comes mostly from their ignorance, neglect, and misuse of the animals under her care. This also creates a problem for her in the realms of the Gods and so she spends all her days on the planet. She rarely visits her ethereal home.

Kirafesa looks like a human, but far more beautiful and earthy than any human could be. She has milk chocolate skin, vibrant green hair that falls down to her lower back. It is unkempt and wildly wraps around her body as if a wind were blowing at her. Her eyes are a piercing dark green that have the look of a wild animal. She is very slim but well muscled and is always dressed in a gown of dead leaves (as she never takes anything living) the leaves are sewn together with dead plant fibers and are bright reds, with light browns and some yellow or slightly green leaves as well.

Kirafesa is actually rather new to being a Goddess. Many children of Gods and Goddesses simply end up wandering the earth as semi mortals. Few ever get the chance at real God hood. But Kirafesa was of age when The Great War was over and many of the Gods/Goddesses had been killed. She was called on to take the place of the older Goddess Kryfen who died saving what is now left of the Forest of Baddua.

Though most of mankind and animal kind have forgotten the name of Kryfen, the rare animals of the Forest of Baddua still remember her and the deeds that she did to save them from complete annihilation.

Kirafesa has a routine of visiting every plain on Abinasia at a certain time. She equally divides her time amongst the regions. And if ever some animal is desperately in need of her help, she is there in a heartbeat to defend it.


© Megan Noel Wilber, 2003





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