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 Centaurs are magical creatures created initially by the Goddess Kryfen in her early days. It is said that she thought the forests looked in need of cleaning and care; so she created the Centaurs. The Centaur race is thought to be older than the Elven race, though the Elves will always say their race is older. Most Centaurs tend to stay in smaller forested villages and towns. All Centaur habitations are found in forested areas. They do not build communities outside the forest. Some though have taken to trading and adventuring. Those that do trade or adventure usually take to living in other regions with mixed races. This is an accepted part of their society. The Centaurs encourage learning, and they think it is very important to see the world and understand the different races and cultures.

Since Centaurs are magically created beings they do not suffer from the effects of aging and illness. Centaurs can only be killed from wounds such as from battle. They suffer the same effects from such wounds as would a mortal creature. Centaurs are considered children/adolescents until about the age of 200. Most Centaurs venturing out are 200 and over unless they are children accompanying their parents.

Modifiers and Free Skills for the Centaur Race

  • Language Speak Menno (this is the native tongue for Centaurs)
  • Language Speak Flyssen
  • +3 to Strength
  • +2 to Constitution
  • -3 to Dexterity
  • Night Vision
  • Extra Attack: Kick
  • Immune to Sleep/Charm/Disease Spells
  • +2 Magic Resist

Racial Characteristics

Height & Weight
Forest Folk stand about 2 ½ to 3 ½ feet at the shoulder of their pony torso. The humanoid half gives them about an extra 1 ½ to 2 feet. Kriverians stand about 4 ½ to 5 ½ feet at the shoulder of their horse torso. The humanoid half gives them about an extra 2 ½ feet. Forest Folk will weigh around 500 to 800 lbs on average. Kriverians will weigh in around 1100 to 1400 lbs.

Movement Base
All centaurs have a movement base of 11.

Social Structure of the Centaurs

  • Nobility

    - Elected leader usually called the Whyd
    The Whyd oversees disputes and helps enforce the general law of the forests. The Whyd is only there to give guidance for the most part. They are only allowed to step in and take control of a situation if it gets out of control. Then the Whyd can only take control so far as to get a handle on things. Then the Whyd must turn it back over to the disputing parties unless they have asked the Whyd to make the decision in the end using his/her great wisdom and knowledge acquired over hundreds of lifetimes.
  • Common Centaurs

    - Forest Folk or Tu’ taksama in Menno
    Forest Folk Centaurs are smaller than their Kriverian cousins. They have the lower body of a pony while their humanoid side is more Elven in appearance.

    - Kriverians
    Kriverian Centaurs are larger than their Forest Folk cousins. They have the lower body of a light war horse while their humanoid side is more human in appearance.





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