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It is unknown where Chameleons originated from. They are a very mysterious race to most. They have humanoid features, though those features are less defined. They choose to stick more to themselves, but as are the kinfolk, they are greatly sought after as slaves because of their remarkable ability to shift their features.

Chameleons can alter their features. They cannot turn into a table or a tree but they can morph their outer appearance to that of most races and change the color of their skin. This requires concentration though. If a Chameleon is in a shift phase they must make a CON roll every round. If they fail they revert back to how they normally look.

Chameleons are mortal creatures and seem to live about 150-200 years. They are resistant to most illnesses but will die from old age and injuries.

Modifiers and Free Skills for the Chameleon Race  

  • Language Speak Pordivan (this is the common tongue of Chameleons)
  • Language Speak Flyssen
  • +1 to Strength
  • +3 to Dexterity
  • -2 to Constitution
  • Race/Face Shifting
  • Can change the color of their skin
  • Immune to Disease Spells
  • +2 Mind Resist

Racial Characteristics

Height & Weight
Chameleons are usually around 5 feet in height. Chameleons usually weigh around 100 lbs.

Movement Base
All Chameleons have a movement base of 9.

Social Structure of the Chameleons

Little is known of the social structure of these creatures. They are still quite a mystery to most. They are rarely seen by anyone even those that mingle in big cities tend to hide behind robes or cloaks. They befriend few outsiders, though when seen in mixed company it tends to be with Kinfolk, Centaurs, and Minotaurs.





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