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Draconens are a very ancient race that was almost completely wiped out during the Great War. Many races perished during those trying times, while others are still struggling to recover. The Draconens are one such race struggling along. There are only 3 knows villages left in the whole of Abinasia with Draconens. One is located on Saris in the Forest of Loulynn , the second is located on Ten-Byne in The Great Forest, and the third is located on the Island of Blakbar in the Plains of Irrestula. It is estimated there are only some 500 Draconens left in the world.

The Draconens are a dragoniod race. They stand upright on two legs and are as varied in colors and types as their dragon cousins. They are magical creatures and therefore do not suffer from the effects of aging, death, or disease. They can still easily die from being wounded though.

Modifiers and Free Skills for the Draconen Race

  • Language Speak Draconia (this is the common tongue for Draconens)
  • Language Speak Flyssen
  • +2 to Strength
  • +2 to Constitution
  • -3 to Mind
  • +2 Magic Resist
  • Night Vision/Good Sense of Smell/Excellent Hearing
  • Flying
  • Extra Attacks: Breath Weapon, Bite, Claw, Tail Whip, & some kinds have Gore.
  • Immune to Charm/Sleep/Disease spells

Racial Characteristics  

Height & Weight
All Draconens range in height from 3.5 to 4.5 feet tall and weigh around 400-600 pounds. See dragon species to find out what types of Draconens there are.

Movement Base
All Draconens have a movement base of 7.  

Social Structure of the Draconens  

  • Nobility

    These are the sole leaders for the whole of the Draconen empire. They oversee all that is left of their kind. It is said they divide their time equally among the 3 remaining villages of their people.
  • Draconens
    Long ago before The Great War the Draconens were divided up by their individual race type, now there are so few left that they mingle together easily. They never practice mixed race breeding as there are too few left there are strict laws that only full blooded children may be bore.





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