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Dwarves are a hearty bunch. They love good drink, good food, good women, good friends, a good fight, and never cower in the face of danger. A few Dwarves have been seen with wobbly knees in battle but that has little to do with their nerves, usually it has something to do with their drink. Dwarves can be found everywhere. They love to build in the sides of mountains, hills, and some have even adapted to living on the flat land or underneath it.

Their usual life span averages about 200-250 years. Dwarves are susceptible to injury, aging, and illness though their immune systems are stronger than that of the humans so they do heal a bit faster. The average age for a Dwarf venturing out is about 25 years.

Modifiers and Free Skills for the Dwarven Race

  • Language Speak Calfarrin (this is the common tongue for Dwarves)
  • Language Speak Flyssen
  • +3 to Strength
  • +2 to Constitution
  • -2 to Dexterity
  • +1 Poison/Disease/Paralysis
  • Trait: Infra-red Vision
  • Trait: Direction Sense: Caves

Racial Characteristics

Height & Weight
All dwarves are between 4 and 5 feet in height. Dwarves are naturally strong which is the reason why they are so strong for their size; but also why they lack in the dexterity department. They are not nimble creatures. Dwarves usually weight between 150 lbs to 350 lbs.

Movement Base
All dwarves have a movement base of 7.  

Social Structure of the Dwarves  

  • Nobility

    - Farnun/Faureen
    This is just like the King and Queen of other races. The thrown is passed down from one direct blood line to another. If there is no immediate family to take the thrown then the nearest of kin is located. If that happens to fail, well there will probably be a good old fight on their hands for power. The dwarves love a good brawl to settle their disputes.

    - Tor/Toran
    These are the children of the King and Queen. They are the equivalent to a Prince or Princess. Only children of the King and Queen are ever called Tor and Toran.

    Kapuuk and Kapina are the extended family of the King and Queen. These would be the children of a Tor or Toran that was not in line for the thrown.

  • Common Dwarves

    - Mountain or Ukar in Calfarrin
    Mountain dwarves make their homes in the side of mountains. They carve huge cities into the mountain itself. Some cities are found at the base of a mountain, while others are found high up on the peaks.

    - Hill or Samkar in Calfarrin
    Hill dwarves make their homes in smaller hills. Usually these are smaller towns and villages in size. Just like the mountain dwarves, the hill dwarves carve their towns/villages into the hillside.

    - Gully or Marituk in Calfarrin
    Gully dwarves have given up living hidden in the sides of mountains, hills, or underground. They have built normal human cities and live out in the open.

    - Deep Dwellers or Odrudun in Calfarrin
    Deep dwellers dig their cities deep under the ground. They choose to live deep within the planet and are rarely seen above ground, especially during the day.





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