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Elves are eloquent creatures, somewhat smaller than humans in height but far more slender. They are strict vegetarians and never eat meat. Elves are distant cousins to Orcs, Faeries, Sprites, and Pixies. All are thought to have originally derived from the same race. No one knows anything though about this original race or who exactly first created the elves. There are legends though that the race was called Esprestia. Most take this as fairytale though.

Elves are magical creatures and therefore do not suffer effects from aging and illness. However Elves can die from wounds. The oldest know living Elf on Abinasia is reported to be around 31,549 years old now. Though only a few elves have claimed to have met her. The average age for an Elf venturing out is about 200 years.

Modifiers and Free Skills for the Elven Race

  • Language Speak (Arryen or Erdyen depending on class of the character)
  • Language Speak Flyssen
  • Good Hearing/ Night Vision
  • +3 to Dexterity
  • -1 to Strength
  • +1 to Wisdom
  • -1 to Constitution
  • Dark Elves suffer penalties in full day light
  • Dark Elves can see even in Magical Darkness
  • Immune to Sleep/Charm/Disease Spells
  • +2 Magic Resist

Racial Characteristics

Height & Weight
All elves range in height between 4 ½ feet to a little under 6 feet tall. On a rare occasion an elf comes along that is just over 6 feet, but this happens extremely rarely. Elves have a very light build. They will weigh usually around 75 lbs to 150 lbs depending on their height.

Movement Base
All elves have a movement base of 9.  

Social Structure of the Elves

  • High Elves

    - King/Queen
    This is just like the King and Queen of other races. Elves though only have one single King and Queen for all the Elves in the world, unlike man who has King’s and Queen’s to rule over smaller parts of land.

    - Prince/Princess
    These are the children of the King and Queen directly.

    - Kii/Kiia
    These are other relatives of the family such as children of a Prince or Princess.
  • Common Elves
    - Woodland Elves or Hala’aquia in Arryen or Kolniniqua in Erdyen
    Wood elves dwell in forested lands mostly. Many are found mixed into big cities where lots of races can be found living together. They always have nature tones for hair, eye, and skin color. They tend to choose to fight more with bows than any other weapon. It seems to be some ancient adopted rule they have.

    - Common Elves or Noorisara in Arryen or Illistria in Erdyen
    Common elves mostly reside in the plains or mountains. They are more frequently found living amongst other races than wood elves are. Common elves have the same range of colorings as do humans.

    -Dark Elves or Yarquestari in Arryen or Lanuliana in Erdyen
    Dark elves reside mostly underground as do the deep dwellers in the Dwarven society. They always have black, dark blue, or dark purple skin. Their hair color ranges from white, shades of gray, to black. Their eyes are usually an extremely pale green or blue in color. All dark elves suffer penalties when out in full daylight.





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